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Updated: Jan 15

First, I would like to say thank you so much for joining me here on my Fitness Journey blog! I hope you will find this blog helpful in your own journey.

A little about me and my background. I have been very active in cheerleading (Competitive and school) since I was 8 years old. The benefit to this? I have always had a high metabolism. The downside? I never had to watch what I ate.

How is that a downside? Life changes, cheerleading is a memory of amazing friends made, fun trips and, to be honest, some pretty awesome jackets. So, here’s the downside: By not having to watch what I ate almost my entire life, when my life slowed down, so did my metabolism.

Competitive cheerleading is a completely different animal with completely different training than anything; this includes the military. By no means am I saying that the military training that I received was inferior or did not come with its own challenges. My body was just conditioned for a different type of training.

I was fortunate enough to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15” when I went off to college but I am going to credit the fact that I was coaching cheerleading teams as well as participating in an Open (18+) Team. But life happens and I joined the Air Force. Again, this training was rigorous in its own merit, but not how my body was conditioned and I was finding the “Freshman 15” snuck up on me and I couldn’t shake it.

Determined to get back to my desired body, I was in the gym any chance I could get! I learned to love being in the gym every day; running, weight training, HIIT workouts, anything I could do to fight for my body back.

Fast forward 6 years…. I had a beautiful baby boy in 2014 and wouldn’t change it for the world. Now, before I mention anything else about my journey; please understand that I am NOT focusing on body image, I am focusing on me being healthy for my new family.

Now that we have that out of the way, I found myself sluggish and just depressed. I found a health plan that helped with workouts and meal plans and I knew that I needed guidance to get back to the me that I loved and the me that my baby deserved. So why not give it a try right?

It was great! I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, toned body, loving everything that I was seeing! Then I started gaining the weight back. I was shocked, absolutely stunned. This was not just a fad diet plan that we all know you gain your weight back if you don’t continue on THEIR plan and continue to pay THEM what they charge. The plan was a one-time payment and was supposed to be a lifestyle change program. So, what the heck was up with this?!

Well, I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I was not gaining it all back and letting this healthy, new me, slip away. What I found: 1. I was hitting a plateau, there weren’t any different levels. 2. Most of the food that was in this plan was plentiful on the west coast, I was substituting so much that the meals were not doing what they were intended to do.

My goal is to find the right balance of nutrition and exercise to be able to maintain this, most desired, healthy lifestyle. I will be posting updates throughout my journey, sharing secrets that I stumble upon and I hope that I will be able to provide you with great information that you can use for your own fitness journey.

Follow me on this journey at Impavida Fitness and I hope you share your goals and your journey with me so we can achieve an amazing, healthy lifestyle together!

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