My name is Patricia Snyder, and I am the Boss Babe behind all things Countryside Vintage!


Here are some fun facts about me: I have an amazing little 6-year-old and he is my best friend! We love to watch Harry Potter, walk to waterfalls, and could eat broccoli all day!


I love The Office and coffee! I will have a full coffee bar to display my collection of mugs when we get into our dream home. I have a passion for organizing events, jewelry making, and I love helping my community.


Starting as a volunteer project for work, I connected with a lot of different groups around Delaware assisting during the holiday season. Seeing the positive impact that we made in the lives of those we helped, I continued to stay in contact with the organizations and now working to incorporate this as an outreach project for Countryside Vintage Events and our community! You can read about our community plans HERE.


My favorite place to go for crafting items is Michael's, and I definitely need to make sure I go on a day that I’m busy so I can’t spend too much time in there and buy the entire store; same goes for Target.


So basically, I’m just a mom with a business who loves her community and helping to plan events!